5 Visualization Exercises To Get What You Want

September 29, 2020

Your brain uses visualization all the time. It thinks in pictures.

5 Visualization Exercises To Get What You Want via @therealcoopergillespie
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It's All About Your Mindset, Baby!

Your brain uses visualization all the time. It thinks in pictures. When you dream or worry about something, your brain creates pictures of possible eventualities. This process usually occurs behind the scenes, in your subconscious, so you do not even know it is going on. But you can learn to use this same technique of visualization to cnsciously create a vision for your future. When you see your future in pictures, your brain treats it as something that already exists. This is why visualization works.

Your thoughts and beliefs guide all your choices. Thoughts and beliefs are not facts. So, if you believe you can’t do something, that doesn’t make it true. It’s just something you believed. When you use techniques like visualization, it primes your senses and your mind to filter your perceptions in a positive way. You become more aware of possibilities that will help you realize a goal. You attain the emotional state necessary for motivation,. And, you gain a reminder of the goal that you are trying to achieve. Here are some useful and helpful visualization exercises that you can use to get what you want in life.

  1. Write About Your Ideal Outcome

You have a goal that you’d like to achieve. Get still and think about what it would be like to accomplish this goal. Write down what would happen if everything were to cam together and your dream became a reality? What would you look like? How would you feel? What would happen to others in your life? Would you take a vacation? Where would you go? What kind of house would you live in?

Write this scene in as much detail as you can, describing it in the present tense as if it is happening right now in front of you. Include details that use all the senses and include your emotional state upon realizing this goal. Then, spend time each day reading through your scene, meditating on this outcome, and focusing on this ideal setting that represents the culmination of your work and thoughts. Practice actually seeing it in your mind’s eye.

2. Imagine a Conversation with a Friend

In this exercise, you are again looking into the future. In this future, uou have everything you want. You are literally living your dreams. You meet an old friend whom you haven’t seen in awhile at a cafe. They ask you how things are going in your life. Imagine your conversation. You tell your friend of all the amazing things you have experienced, all of the success that you are enjoying.

You share how fantastic it feels to bee living your dreams. Your friend asks how you did it, so you tell your friend the steps you took to get where you are. This type of imaginary conversation helps you envision a day when your dreams are your reality.

3. Act “As If”

I was a theatre major in college. One of the acting techniques we learned was to act “as if” the circumstances in the scene were real. Because if you really believed the scene was real, the audience would too.

It’s the same with visualization. It helps to begin acting ‘as if.’ Acting ‘as if’ you have realized your dream changes how you behave, react to others, and perceive the world, which in turn changes how the world perceives you. I know it sounds super ‘woo,’ but acting ‘as if’ really can open new possibilities and help you achieve your goals.

4. Surround Yourself with Images

Images are powerful reminders that help you stay focused and remind you of your goals. We already talked about how the brain thinks in images. So, help it out by giving it some concrete images to focus on. Find images that represent your idealized future. Collect them and place them strategically around your environment at home and the office. New screensaver, anyone?

Every time you look at these images, you will think about what it will mean to accomplish your goal and remind you of your mission. Associate each picture with a specific word, phrase, or scenario that inspires you, and repeat that to yourself every time you look at the image.

5. Make Your Password an Affirmation of Your Goal

You’re like, “What?!” Okay, stick with me here. How many times a day do you type your password into your phone, your computer, websites, etc.? A lot of times! What if very time you typed your password in, it was an affirmation of what you will achieve? How many times a day would it remind you of the steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

For instance, if your goal is to make $200,000 from your real estate career, your password could be something like ‘$200K@r3al3state.’ Maybe you want to find love? Your password could be ‘ImLuckynL0v3.’

It’s a simple but powerful way to affirm your dreams becoming reality because you will type your affirmation all day long.

Alright, there are five visualization solid strategies to make your dreams come true. Let me know if any particular strategy resonates with or works for you. I always love hearing how you put these techniques to use.

5 Visualization Exercises To Get What You Want via @therealcoopergillespie

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