5 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire

October 28, 2020

You can manifest anything you want in life, but you have to get your head, heart, and spirit into the right place first. Here are five surefire steps to get you into alignment and ready to receive your dreams.

5 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire via @therealcoopergillespie
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It's All About Your Mindset, Baby!

You can manifest anything you want in life, but you have to get your head, heart, and spirit into the right place first. Here are five surefire steps to get you into alignment and ready to receive your dreams.

  1. Have a Morning Ritual

    A morning ritual allows you to commune with your highest self first thing in the morning. By getting in touch with your inner self, you open a portal to your intuition. This connection is key setting intentions.

    There may be mornings where you feel too tired to do your ritual, but I would challenge you to do an abbreviated version of it anyway because consistency is key. Being consistent is what will really supercharge your results. For instance, one part of my morning ritual is doing 50 sit ups and 50 push ups, but there are some days when I only do 25 of each. Listen to your body and be gentle with yourself. Know that discipline isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

  2. Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body

    We are taught to live most of our lives in our left brain. Logic and reason are faculties that are prized above all others in our education system. I’m not here to knock logic or reason. They are both important. So are our feelings, however. Sometimes, you can’t reason your way into what you want, you have to feel your way in.

    Think about the thing you want. Then, imagine how you will feel when you have it. Sit in that feeling. Marinate in it. Conjure it throughout your day. By aligning your feeling with how you will feel when you get what you desire, it can’t help but come to you. I know it sounds woo, but it’s true.

  3. Be Specific

    Your subconscious mind will work in tandem with the universe to get you what you want, but if you aren’t specific, you might a version of what you asked for that is not ideal. For instance, if you ask the universe for money, you need to tell it exactly how much you want and when. Otherwise, you might find a penny on thee street and the universe might say, “There. I gave you money.”

    So be detailed and clear in what you ask for, which perfectly segways into the next step.

  4. Visualize, Visualize, Visualize, Baby!

    The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something you visualize and something that exists in reality, so visualizing what you desire brings it into existence.

    This isn’t exactly radical thinking. Professional athletes, musicians, actors, and politicians all use visualization to prepare for situations where they have to perform at a high level.

  5. Surrender

    Resist the urge to control the outcome. Relax, and the the universe do its thing. Find ways to get into positive flow, whether it’s through meditation, working out, creativity. This will help you believe that abundance is coming your way.

Manifestation Affirmations

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Manifestation Affirmations

5 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire via @therealcoopergillespie

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5 Steps To Manifest Anything You Desire

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