Top Seven Gifts for Spiritual Babes

December 2, 2020

With the holidays coming up, I thought I would share my top seven gifts for spiritual babes.

Top Seven Gifts for Spiritual Babes via @therealcoopergillespie
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We spiritual babes are always seeking ways to work on ourselves because we enjoy all things consciousness expanding. With the holidays coming up, I thought I would share my top seven gifts for spiritual babes.


Crystals are always a great gift. There are many different types, and each has a specific purpose. Here are a couple of my favorites. However, I encourage you to visit a local rock or mystical shop, if possible. While browsing the crystals, focus on those that best fit the person. You can even choose crystals that stand out to you the most. Listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition about which crystal would best suit the spiritual babe in your life.

Citrine enhances creativity and concentration. It also releases fear and other negative qualities. If you are looking for motivation and clarity, citrine is the crystal for you.

Rose Quartz opens the heart and spreads loving vibes, whether self-love, friendship, or romantic love. It is a calming stone which links directly to your soul and heart, which allows it to dispel past hurts and enact positive change quickly.

Selenite is a deeply peaceful stone which promotes clarity of mind and awareness. It instills deep peace and really magnifies the benefits of meditation. It can also help with fertility.

A Goddess Subscription Box

Who doesn’t want to receive a subscription box filled with mystical goodies every month. My favorite is the Goddess Provisions subscription box. It’s a monthly box full of crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, beauty & spiritual tools. You can pay month to month or save serious cash by paying for the whole year up front.

Oracle/Angel Cards

Oracle decks are a divination tool that can inspire or encourage self-awareness. They help illuminate our path and give guidance on how we may manifest what we desire. The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck combines angelic guidance with various Earth-based spiritualities. If you’re looking for intuitive magic, this deck is it.  


My favorite journal to gift is The Wild Unknown Journal, by Kim Krans. Not only is it gorgeous, but the prompts Krans gives make creative awakening an inspiring and soulful journey. Pair it with these glitter gel pens and you’ve got a perfect present, my friend.

Another beautiful journal and planner is Dragontree Apothecary’s Dreambook. The company says the Dreambook was created, “…so you can take all those dreams you have and make the steps to achieving them part of your everyday life.” Yes, please.


I could do a whole post on the best books for spiritual babes, but a few that I’m positive any spiritual babe will love are:

Ask and It Is Given (For the babe obsessed with manifestation)
Star Power (For the babe interested in astrology)
The Alchemist (For the babe into magical stories, i.e., all spiritual babes)
The Four Agreements (For the babe who enjoys deep self-work)


Spiritual babes love candles, and you cannot go wrong with this beautiful full moon manifestation candle.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

A Tibetan singing bowl vibrates when a person moves the mallet against the bowl’s edge. It creates a gentle yet rich and deep sound that reverberates through the air. They are ideal gifts for practicing meditation or just for cleansing the energy of a room. The sound aids in mindfulness, your mind’s ability to focus, and the quality of silence after it stops ringing.

So, there you have it—my top seven gifts for spiritual babes. If you have a spiritual babe in your life, this list is guaranteed to please.

Top Seven Gifts for Spiritual Babes via @therealcoopergillespie

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