I'm so glad you asked!

I'm obsessed with helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you achieve your goals through compelling copy and magnetic messaging. 

Because let's face it...

You're one of a kind.

I have a proven track record of helping both small businesses and multi-million dollar companies accomplish their goals.

My mission is to capture your message in a way that captivates, builds lasting relationships with your customers, and leads to outstanding conversions...

... helping you stand out and get selling quicker and easier than ever before. 

This work is my passion, and it's my privilege to support you on your road to success.

So why the heck should you trust me with your marketing?

Hey there rad small biz owner, 

I see you.

And I know that you're doing all of the things and wondering when the heck your entrepreneurial journey is gonna get any easier.

You started your business for freedom, but now you're working harder than you ever worked in your 9-5. 

You know the secret to making more sales and having more business success is marketing your small biz in a way that makes your humans fall in love with you and go gaga for your offers...

... but that's hard to do when you don't know what to say!

Well, I want you to know I GOT YOU. 

All of my training, skills, and experience are yours now.

No more staring at a blank screen or using cookie-cutter templates.

No. No. No. 

From here on out, you've got me — your rock'n'roll marketing bestie — in your pocket. 

Whether you work with me 1:1 on your marketing strategy or have me cook up killer bespoke copywriting for your offers...

... your girl's here to elevate your brand and your business to new heights. 

Oh, and PS: With me in your corner handling your marketing and copywriting, you'll finally get a taste of that freedom you're after. *chef's kiss*


Oxford commas, straight talk, self care, rock'n'roll, non-douchy marketing, personal empowerment, meditation, nature, and creative power


Dancing in the moonlight, hugging trees, cuddling with puppies, writing, creating music, mentoring small biz owners,  and consciously creating  dreams

daily rituals

Meditation, writing, walking, and hot mint tea

"I couldn't have a better coach!
I love the singing out of the blue!!"

so they say:

I believe that I am the standard bearor of my work. I do my best to walk my talk and practice what I preach.

I believe that you can sell your products without being sleazy. I never want to "close" anyone or have my customers feel pressured or uncomfortable buying from me.

I speak from the heart, am fiercely real, and always try to underpromise and overdeliver.

I believe that by operating in integrity, I am creating a new a new paradigm for how to operate a business and be in community with others — where differences are celebrated, safety is paramount, and all are welcome.


I believe that every person is a genius and is intrinsically valuable.

It's important to me that my content is accessible to all and that I seek out people who are much different from me from whom to learn.

I believe that greater diversity provides greater innovation and creativity

I don't charge extra for payment plans, but as a woman entrepreneur I'm undercapitalized. That means I’m self-financing and bootstrapping my program startup expenses out of cashflow… so if you can afford to pay in full, I’d really appreciate it if you did


I believe work should be fun. I celebrate every day and embrace all the weird, wacky aspects of myself and my students/clients.

I want you to have a blast learning from me. That's why I have dance parties and celebrate wins on the regular.

I believe the online business world can be too serious sometimes, so I embrace letting my (and your) freak flag fly.

"No stress!" is my motto!


I believe that every human has value and deserves love and respect. That's why I do everything I can to support and care for every person in my world.

I understand that not everyone has the same resources or opportunities. That’s why I'm committed to creating accessible and valuable content on a regular basis and why I offer BIPOC and need-based assistance for my programs.

I believe that everyone's dreams matter. We go farther together when we support and uplift one another.


I believe that marketing should be done in a way that encourages my customer's ability to think critically

I believe refund policies that make you prove you did the work uphold unhealthy patriarchal power structures, so my refund policies don't require you to jump through any hoops.

I believe that marketing can be done in a way that feels good to me and to my clients/students, and I'm upfront in my pricing.


I believe in radical self-acceptance. I strive to always be straight up and fiercely real with myself and others, which means owning my flaws and listening to feedback.

I believe that when you embrace yourself just as you are, you give others permission to do the same. That's why I champion everyone's weird.

Be the most you that you can be. It's what makes you rad!

I believe in loudly standing up for what I believe in — even if it means some people won't like me.

I'm not afraid to share my opinions or take a stand for things that matter to me. I share stories, lessons, failures, and wins from the heart.


*(many thanks to Kelly Diehls for this languaging!)

How my values show up in my business...






Human Design

Myers Briggs


You may want to know...



"Working with Cooper has been a really expansive experience. She’s amazing at holding space and guiding with so much positive and joyous approach. I’ve enjoying sharing my business journey with her as she’s helped me to up the game when it comes to email marketing, strategies and elements that might improve our sales conversion. All of the useful tips she has shared have increased the flow and visibility of our brand, which we are super grateful for. I would definitely recommend working with her if you’re searching for someone who’s here to celebrate you and point you in a direction of growth."




"After our first session I felt clear, calm and energized in a way I didn’t expect. I will be booking more time with Cooper and I honestly look forward to it. Not only is the work and result amazing but Cooper is one of my favorite people to work with thus far."




"...the results were powerful. I could see changes pretty much right away, which was very exciting. Cooper makes you feel so safe and has a nurturing and soothing quality. Her visualizations are incredibly creative and magical. I highly recommend working with Cooper."




real results

My Favorite Things

Especially to Europe! This photo was taken when I played a music festival in Cagliari, Italy. I can't wait to return. Traveling feeds my soul...big time! I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

The Mojave Desert!

My happy place! It's my zone of creativity where all of my deepest insights happen.

Music has been a constant in my life since I was a child. Playing music is one of the most powerful ways I commune with the divine. I love discovering weird instruments I never knew existed. If you'd like to check out my music, click here!



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