Hi, I'm Cooper Gillespie, your personal guide to healing your relationship with money. I understand that the path to financial well-being is not merely about numbers, budgets, or bank accounts. It's a complex and deeply personal journey, interwoven with emotions, beliefs, and life experiences.

My approach is unique and holistic, addressing your financial challenges on energetic, emotional, spiritual, and practical levels. Whether you're making good money and want to maximize it, or you're struggling to find financial stability, I'm here to help you navigate your way to financial success, freedom, and fulfillment.

Through my specially designed courses, workshops, and personalized coaching, I help women like you heal money trauma, uncover generational and past life financial blocks, and ignite a new relationship with money—one where you feel empowered, confident, and in control. Ready?

Get ready to embrace a new, empowering relationship with money

You're in the right place.

"Getting to know Miss Cooper on this journey has been an epic extra as I love to meet and connect with those that have been through so much themselves. It’s truly been an impactful change in me to implement my own values and energy to money. I love all the meaning behind further learning in this expansive world of energy and feeling. I would to continue on with Cooper in a heartbeat and I believe we may cross paths again in my future endeavours."




This 36-page journal is a unique tool that has the power to transform your relationship with money. Guided by potent reflections, exercises, and prompts, you'll embark on a liberating journey to heal your money.

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Unearth and dissolve deep-rooted money blocks with the power of EFT tapping. This course features in-depth EFT training videos, a video tapping sessions bundle, a 27-page Tap Into Prosperity course guidebook, a 44-page activate your abundance journal, and guided abundance audio meditations. 

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Kickstart your journey to financial well-being with this 90-minute workshop where we explore:

  • How your shame around money might actually be a sign of your inherent empathy and trustworthiness

  • The complex layers of generational and intergenerational trauma and how they reverberate in our financial behaviors.

  • How to reclaim the financial narratives that work for you

  • A more holistic and sustainable approach to wealth and resource management

  • How to separate your intrinsic self-worth from external financial pressures

  • Strategies to navigate capitalism with resilience and authenticity

    And much more...

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Rocking Life

Rocking Life

This 30-page guide shares my favorite daily rituals that will help fill every day with magic and deep fulfillment.

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This is what you can expect to learn (and accomplish!) in this 1 hour-ish workshop:

  • Get to know your deck

  • Dispel Tarot myths

  • How to use "scary" cards for empowerment

  • Magical ways to play in the quantum with the tarot

  • A simple study method

  • How to read for yourself and others

  • We will also learn some unique tarot spreads!

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In just 10 weeks, you'll learn how to harness the remarkable power you were born with in my signature manifestation course so you can live your "Pinch me! I'm dreaming" life.

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"Money isn't just currency; it's a reflection of our beliefs, our fears, and our dreams."